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Intermediate electric guitar songs

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Preview the Electric Songs from the Intermediate Course

When playing songs on the electric guitar, we must learn all our barre chords in order to build rhythm parts. We must also learn our pentatonic scales so we can add licks and play solos.

In the intermediate electric guitar course, we do just that – at the same time as we learn songs!

You’ll even practise your chords along to a real live band as you learn about each section of every song.

To find out more about each song, follow the links below.

Rescue Me

‘Rescue Me’ has a simple but very clever chord progression. Learn how to play it all over the neck and you’ll be able to improvise the rhythm part.

In the course, you’ll learn how to add pentatonic scales to build licks, slide into chords, add extra rhythms and move between chord shapes to add excitement to your part.

Finally, you get to play the entire song with a live band!

Preview video lessons: Rescue Me

You Can’t Hurry Love

‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ has a great chord progression using only chords from the key of Bb. By starting some of the chords earlier than expected, ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ gets its famous bouncy feel.

In the course, you’ll get step by step instructions on each section of the song using members only video lessons, loops, and TAB.

Finally, you get to play the entire song with a live band!

Preview video lessons: You Can’t Hurry Love

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