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American Pie

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American Pie chords


‘American Pie’ was the first single and most successful song by American singer-songwriter Don McLean.

Telling the story of the day the music died, ‘American Pie’ has become legendary, earning the #5 spot on RIAA’s list of songs of the century.

The chord progression can be tricky to remember since the same chords seem to be repeated in lots of different ways.

Thinking of them as numbers really will help as every number has a sound. If you can tap into this, you can hear where the progression wants to move next.

You’ll learn more about hearing chord progressions like this in the intermediate course.

Intro and chorus chord progressions

Here are the intro and chorus chords:


| G D/F# Em | Am C | Em D Dsus4 | 2/4 Dsus2 D |

| G D/F# Em | Am C | Em C | D Dsus4 D Dsus2 |

| Em Am | Em Am | C Em7b5/B Am | C D |

| G D/F# Em | C D | G D/F# Em | C D | G |


| G C | G D | x3

| Em | A7 | Em | D Dsus2 D | Dsus4 D Dsus2 D |

Verse and outro chord progressions

These are the chords for the verse and the outro:


| G | Am | C | Am | C | D Dsus2 D | Dsus4 D Dsus2 D Dsus4 |
| G D/F# | Em | Am | C | Em | Am | D Dsus2 D | Dsus4 D Dsus2 D Dsus4 |

| Em | D | Em | D | C Gsus4/B | Am | C | D Dsus4 |
| G D/F# | Em | Am | C | G D/F# | Em | C | D |
| G C | G D Dsus4 |


| G D/F# Em | Am C | Em D | 2/4 Dsus2 D |
| G D/F# Em | Am Em | Em C | Dsus4 D Dsus2 D |

| Em Am | Em Am | C Em7b6/B Am | C D | 2/4 Dsus2 D |
| G D/F# Em | C D | I D/F# Em | C D | G |

You get the full lesson for ‘American Pie’, including what the chords mean and complete TAB when you take the intermediate guitar course.

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American PieA long long time ago
I can still remember how that music used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And maybe they’d be happy for a while

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Don McLean – Biography

don-mclean-thumbDon McLean is an American singer-songwriter most famous for his ’71 songs ‘American Pie’ and ‘Vincent’.

When McLean’s indie label Media Arts got sold to United Artists, he got an unexpected chance to make his second album for a major label.

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