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I think the material is excellent. I’ve benefited so much. I’ve now begun to improvise with some confidence and have written songs that feel authentic. I can now develop musically in a broad and rich way. Your work has illuminated an exciting path forward.– Roger

‘Angie’ is a single by The Rolling Stones from the 1973 album ‘Goats Head Soup’.

The song clearly points to Am as the home chord, making it in the key of Am. Only one chord wander outside the key and that is the E7.

E7 is chord IIIx and its job is to point towards Am more clearly than an Em (chord III) would have.

Funnily enough, in ‘Angie’ we don’t go to Am after the E7. Clearly, The Rolling Stones are rock n roll even when it comes to their chord movements!

In these video lessons, you’ll see all chords played from beginning to end, including that genius intro.

Chord progression

‘Angie’ is an Aeolian sounding composition with a chord progression that appears in an unusual order.

These are the chords for the verse/instrumental/chorus tag sections.

| Am | E7 | G F | C (G/B) |

The chorus uses common chords in slightly different order to what normally happens in hit songs.

| G | Dm Am | C F | G |

Finally, the M8 go somewhere new by starting on Dm.

| Dm | Am | x3

I C F | G |

Chord extensions

Only a few chords have been modified in ‘Angie’, let’s look at them:

E7 – This should have been an Em, by turning it into an E7 the pull towards Am become stronger. However, instead of moving to Am, we go to G, this is very unusual.

G/B – This is just a V chord with the 3rd in the bass, it makes the move from C smoother.

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