I Can’t Stand The Rain

I Can’t Stand The Rain

Chords and strumming

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I Can’t Stand The Rain chords

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About I Can’t Stand The Rain

‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ is a single from Ann Peebles, the queen of Memphis soul label Hi Records.

Since the original release, many artists have covered the song including Tina Turner.

The chords and chord progression are heavily influenced by the standard blues progression. On a first listen, it might seem as if it just that, a simple twelve bar blues progression.

However, at closer inspection, you’ll find that the chords are actually a lot more adventurous than your average twelve bar blues.

In this first video lesson, you’ll see how to play all chords from beginning to end.

Chord Progression

The intro is just a riff over an A7 chord.

As the verse start a standard A to A6 part is used and then repeated over the D, like this:

| A6 | A6 | D6 | A6 |

The chorus is much more adventurous starting on a bVIIx (G) before we go back to A, then a C (bIIIx) before we resolve with a II – V.

| G | G | A | A |

| C | C | Bm7 | E7 |

In the second video, you’ll see a close-up of the strumming hand.

We’ll use this as well as full TAB to learn the song when you take the full course.

What else is in the course?

In the intermediate guitar course you’ll obviously learn ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ in all its detail using full TAB, but what else do we do?

In this specific lesson, we also study all dom7 chord shapes. We do it using the same rhythm as the song, climbing up through all of the shapes.

This means that you can find your own variations on the riff and where to play the chord progression, effectively setting you on a path to creating your own arrangement.

The course doesn’t set out to just teach you the songs, it sets out to teach you how to write, arrange and improvise music. The songs are merely the starting point.

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