Intermediate Chromatic Exercises

Chromatic and sweeping exercises

Vary the rhythm for best results

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Sweeping exercises

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The best way to practise the chromatic exercise

In the intermediate guitar course, we look at eleven more variations that develop the chromatic and sweeping exercises.

Some of these will improve your timing, others focus on speed. In order for you to get the most out of them, make sure you are ticking these boxes:

  • Always practise to a metronome
  • Start slowly, increase with no more than 4 BPM at a time
  • Stop if it hurts
  • If you can’t play with perfect accuracy, you are pushing the BPM too much

Use rests for speed, practise clusters to improve timing

Sweeping exercise 4-6 move over four strings, the right hand should execute this with a sweeping motion. You must practise the sweeping exercises very slowly at first.

The next four exercises (7-10) use rests, practice these to improve your speed.

The last four chromatic exercises (11-14) contain 16th note clusters. Practice these to improve your timing.

There’s plenty more you can do with these exercises than what you find in the video lessons, the intermediate course takes both the sweeping and speed exercises much, much further.

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