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Connect all major barre chord shapes

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You must connect chord all shapes in order to visualize the fretboard

After learning the barre chords individually, shape by shape, the next step is to connect the shapes. This means that you will be able to play, for example, an E chord in five positions on the neck.

We’ll do this in both minor and major using five starting points of E, A , D, G and C, as well as in minor.

When you can play these exercises you have mapped out the fretboard.

All things like extended chords, scales and arpeggios are built on top of this.

Connect all minor barre chord shapes

These exercises will teach you how to play all minor barre chords all over the neck.

In the first video, we start with an open position Em followed by an Em in a Dm shape – Cm shape – Am – shape – Gm shape.

In the next video we start with an open position Am followed by an Am in a Gm shape – Em shape – Dm shape – Cm shape.

As well as practising exercises like this you need real songs that use barre chords so you can see them in action.

You need to change key, create second guitar parts and start playing around with the shapes rather than just practise them as exercises.

You get all of this in the intermediate guitar course.