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How to best learn all five shapes of the Conspirian Scale

The Conspirian scale is a Spy Tunes exclusive, it fills an important gap in understanding scales on the guitar.

When you learn how to play the minor modes you will add the intervals b2 or 2 as well as the b6 and 6 to you Minor Pentatonic to build all minor modes.

This means that the other two areas to fill are the b5 and maj7.

With modes, you have to pick the correct one over each chord so if the chords are II – III – VI, you’d play Dorian, Phrygian Aeolian. You would have to get the correct mode over each chord or you’ll end up playing the wrong notes.

With Conspirian, you could use it over any of those chords as you avoid the modal notes (the 2’s and the 6s)

This means that Consprian can always get you out of trouble when improvising.

The intermediate guitar course discusses this further and provides you with actual examples, using real songs.

Connect Conspirian scale shapes

This exercise connects all Conspirian shapes with each other.

For complete control make sure you can play the exercise in all twelve keys. Simply run the exercise through the cycle of 4th.

This is played in triplets in the video, which is a good benchmark but also try other rhythms.

For example, you could try a straight 16th note pattern or any of the 16th note clusters you practice in the chromatic exercises.

The intermediate course will give you more ideas.

Cycle of 4th

This final exercise really nails all those Conspirian shapes as you find the closest shape possible, moving through the cycle of 4th.

When you played the first five shapes, start with the Em shape on the root of Bb and keep on going!

Practice with a click, start slowly and increase with a couple of BPM every time you’ve played through five shapes.

When you can play this, you really don’t need to practice the Conspirian scale anymore.

It’s now time to move on and practise the minor modes.

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