Minor Pentatonic

Learn how to play the Minor Pentatonic scale

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A Minor Pentatonic scale shapes

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I think the material is excellent. I’ve benefited so much. I’ve now begun to improvise with some confidence and have written songs that feel authentic. I can now develop musically in a broad and rich way. Your work has illuminated an exciting path forward.– Roger

If you’re only gonna learn one scale to solo with on the guitar it would have to be the Minor Pentatonic.

When practising as the video lessons demonstrate, aim to clearly see the relationship between the barre chord shape and scale shapes. Once this connection is clear, take note of all intervals inside every scale shape.

To get great at playing scales you must do what legendary sax player Charlie Parker did and practise in all twelve keys.

When you can play all shapes in Am, move on and practise them in Dm.

D Minor Pentatonic scale shapes

Just like you did in Am, so you must now do in Dm. The playlist demonstrate how to practise all the pentatonic scales.

When you can do this without making mistakes, carry on down the cycle of 4th.

Next up would be G, C, F, Bb etc.

In the intermediate course, we do just this as well as vary the rhythm of the exercise.

After playing through all twelve keys you need to connect the shapes up and down the neck as well.

Connect Minor Pentatonic shapes

These video lessons show you how you can connect all five Minor Pentatonic shapes in the key of Am and Dm.

In order for you to play an exercise like this you have to know each individual shape really well.

If you have been practising all individual shapes and come to the conclusion that you need to move on, then you have arrived at the right exercise.

When you can connect all shapes in Am and Dm at the same tempo as in the video lesson, move on to the ten remaining keys as well.

The cycle of 4th

This is the last Minor Pentatonic exercise and it’s self-eliminating.

When you can play this you can definitely play all five shapes of the Minor Pentatonic!

This means that once completed, you should never have to practise a Minor Pentatonic scale again, ever.

In the video lesson, you see how this time the cycle of 4th goes to the closest shape possible, rather than run around the neck.

After five shapes, start with the Em shape again, using the root of Bb and continue up the neck.

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