Intermediate Songwriters Swivel

All barre chords in a key

Extend barre chords to pentatonic scales

Understanding the SWS

The intermediate SWS takes you around the cycle of 4th (moving anti-clockwise) as well as the cycle of 5th (moving clockwise).

As it does so, you’ll find all chords that belong to each key.

The inner circle of chords displays the parallel minor chords (II, VI and III), the outer circle displays the major chords (IV, I and V).

To crack the fretboard code, you must organize all chords in each area of the neck, using chord I as your starting point.

The intermediate SWS can help you with this.

Start by selecting a key by clicking a chord in the outer circle. Next, choose one of the shapes: E, A, D, G or C to find the I chord.

You can now see all barre chord shapes as well as the minor and major pentatonic scales in your desired key and shape.

To master the guitar fretboard, you must be able to play all barre chords and pentatonic scales in all keys and five positions.

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Learning how to play guitar is best done through playing and learning from songs.

The intermediate songs require you to learn barre chords and pentatonic scales. This will be revolutionary for your understanding of the guitar fretboard.

To see all lessons in the intermediate course, go to Intermediate Guitar Course.


All those open position chords you learned in the beginner course now become barre chords and pentatonic scales.

You’ll map out the entire fretboard at this stage. Chord progressions become easier to see once played as barre chords and little licks will start appearing in your playing.

Preview the exercises from the course here: Intermediate Guitar Lessons.


Learn how to play famous intermediate songs.

1234, A Change Is Gonna Come. American Pie, Angie, Babylon, Beautiful, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Dreadlock Holiday, Empire State Of Mind, Fast Car, Hey There Delilah, I Can’t Stand The Rain, I’m Yours, Kiss Me, Last Request, Mad World, Red, The Scientist, Starman, Sunny Afternoon and Whistle For The Choir.

To preview each song, go to Intermediate Acoustic Songs.

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