The Gig (Free Preview)

The Gig (Free Preview)

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Complete songs + Live Band Backing Tracks

Welcome back, today we play the gig!

After studying all thirteen songs, it’s now time to play them all, one after another, just like if you had a gig. I’ll go first, then it’s your turn.

Make a mental note of songs or sections of songs that you could improve on. Go back to whatever lesson you need to brush up on and then try again.

Step 1 – 40 min

The TAB for what I play in these videos is not available here and there’s a good reason for that.

By now, you should be able to play all these songs without any TAB. If you can’t, you have to go back to whatever song you struggle with and practice it some more.

If you can think and hear a progression in Roman Numerals, you can recall the progression like you would a melody, by singing it.

Use your barre chord and pentatonic shapes to add chord fills, licks, and solos in an improvised way.

Next up, it’s time to play on your own, with the band.

Step 2 – 40 min

This is it. Play along to the playlist, without any TAB, just like if you did a gig.

If you can’t remember a song or a section of a song, go back to the relevant lesson and make sure you fully understand it and can play it freely.


This was the final lesson in this course. You now know thirteen Motown/Soul tunes, that makes up an entire set in a gig.

In a real live, performing situation, perhaps you could have a chord sheet for the odd song, but you definitely can’t read an entire gig like this. After all, watching someone read, is not really watching someone perform…

Whatever song you struggle with, go back and practice it in isolation (using TAB), before you come back and play the entire set again.

A great way of finding out if you know these songs is to put them in a set like this, if you can play them all, without any major mistakes, then you do know them.

Ideally, you don’t play any of these in the exact same way every time. Instead, you improvise and play each song a little bit different every time.

Dan (your guitar guru)

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