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The master course is all about completing your knowledge of the guitar fretboard. We still use acoustic songs as our starting point to explore music but it’s time to set you free now.

Upon completing the course, how music and the guitar fretboard works will be as natural to you as your ABC’s. You will know how to build any chord, no matter what the name – as you will understand how all chords are built.

You will be able to move a melody from one shape to another – as you look at a scale shape as intervals. Changing key will be easy and building new guitar parts is something you can do by just improvising.

Scroll down to preview everything we cover in the master guitar course.

Arpeggio exercises

Master Arpeggios To master the arpeggios we pair them with the major scale shape, just like you did during your advanced chord progression studies.

Practicing like this will enable you to blend pentatonic scales, modes, and arpeggios when you improvise and arrange.

Finally, there is a master arpeggio exercise that, once completed, will enable you to stop practicing arpeggio shapes and just play them.

Go to master arpeggios to preview all video lessons.

Chord progression exercises

Master Chord ProgressionThe most important exercise to organize your fretboard you learned in the advanced course when you practiced chord progressions.

Back then, you played all chords around the scale shapes moving up. In the master course, we play the exercise backward as well as using the cycle of 3rd and 4th.

When you have completed these exercises you’ll never again have a problem moving a chord progression around the neck. Instead, you’ll discover new chord shapes and ways to play a song every time, for fun!

Go to master chord progression to see all video lessons.

Chordal exercises

Master ChordsThe final chords to learn are 9, 11, 13 and the altered chords.

These will not be available in every single shape like the seventh note chords are. Instead, there are a few set shapes to memorize.

Most importantly, by adding these final chords to the fretboard puzzle you’ll understand how to build a chord by just reading its name.

Go to master chords to preview the video lessons.

Chromatic exercises

Master Chromatic ExercisesPlenty of variations left in the chromatic and sweeping exercises, thirty-four of them in fact!

These exercises will refine your accuracy to perfection, making your playing more defined.

Speed is a side effect of great accuracy so if you want to play fast, all you have to do is push the BPM of these exercises.

Go to master chromatic exercises and see if you can play along with the videos.

Modal exercises

Master ModesAt this stage, we can now take all the modes and combine them into one final master exercise.

When you can play this you’ll know exactly where every interval is, anywhere on the neck.

We still build from the chord shape and pentatonic scale to reach the mode, we just do it all in one go. This will pinpoint the exact difference between each mode in every shape.

Visit master modes to preview these final scale exercises.

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