Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Chords and finger style arrangement

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Dream A Little Dream Of Me chords

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About Dream A Little Dream Of Me

‘Dream a Little Dream Of Me’ is a song that was mainly made famous by Mama Cass. It was also sung by Doris Day and probably most aspiring female jazz singers worldwide.

Spy Tunes’ one guitar arrangement is based on the Mama Cass version.

This is a relatively complex arrangement with many chords. To fully understand it you need complete TAB, this is available when you take the master course.

Verse progression

‘Dream a Little Dream Of Me’ is in the key of C during the verse but then modulates to the key of A for the chorus.

The verse progression is packed with strange slash chords and exotic extensions, it goes like this:

| C F#dim7 | Ab13 G | C C/B C/Bb |

| A7 | F | Fm | C Ab7 | G6 |

Before the chorus, you swap the last two bars for | C Ab7 G7 | C E |

The last E chord is a IIIx chord, rather than an Em which would have been a standard III chord.

The modification points more strongly towards what should have been Am.

Chorus progression

The chorus, actually in the key of A major works great after the E chord. This is a very simple yet effective way to change key.

The progression is more straightforward, goes like this:

A F#m | Bm7 E | x3

After playing the above three times you finish off with Ab7 and G7 in the same bar. This sets you up for the verse in the key of C again.

If you want all the TAB for how this is done in the video you need to take the master guitar course.

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