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How to master the arpeggio shapes

To master the arpeggios you must first learn each shape individually, this is what you practiced in the advanced course.

In the master course, we connect all shapes, play them through the cycle of 4th, then play them around the Ionian scale shapes.

In the first playlist, you find how to connect all arpeggios in A, that’s the A7, Amaj7, Am7, and Am7b5 arpeggios, all over the neck.

First play through them twice per shape, then once.

When you can do this, the next step is to do it all in D.

Connect D7, Dmaj7, Dm7 and Dm7b5 arpeggios shapes

Just like you did in A, so you must now do in D. The playlist demonstrate how to practise all the arpeggios, first twice per shape, then once.

When you can do this without making mistakes, carry on down the cycle of 4th.

Next up would be G, C, F, Bb etc.

In the master course, we do just this as well as vary the rhythm and improvise with these shapes over chord progressions.

Arpeggios through the cycle of 4th

After connecting all arpeggios all over the neck in all keys, it’s time to play them using the cycle of 4th.

The aim here is to really nail those shapes so there is no hesitation when you need to draw upon them during an improvisation.

After playing through the first five: E shape – A shape – D shape – G shape – C shape, you can easily just repeat it all, starting on a Bb.

To take the concept even further, vary the rhythm.

In the master course, we try these over songs to see if the exercises have done the job or if you need to practise more.

Arpeggios around every Ionian scale shape

Finally, we must organise all arpeggios around the ionian scale shapes, just like you did with the barre chords.

The video lessons demonstrate this in the key of A. When you can play this, try it all in the key of D, then G, then C etc.

That’s all the video lessons I have for practicing arpeggios.

In the master course, during your final lessons, I present you a challenge in the ultimate arpeggio exercise. When you can play that, you will never have to practice your arpeggio shapes again.

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