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With these exercises – You will master the modes

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Master the major modes

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These final modal exercises will change the way you play the guitar forever.

By taking you through every mode, starting with either the Minor Pentatonic or the Major Pentatonic, you teach your hands how music work on the fretboard.

Once completed you will see the modes as clearly as a painter experience colours. Music will soon come through you, not just from you.

The routine to master the major modes moves like this:

  • Maj Pent – add #4 -Maj Pent – add maj7 – Maj Pent – Lydian
  • Maj Pent – add 4 – Maj Pent – add maj7 – Maj Pent – Ionian
  • Maj Pent – add 4 – Maj Pent – add b7 – Maj Pent – Mixolydian

Once this is completed – stop practising the major modes, start practising the minor modes!

Master the minor modes

These exercises will teach you the three minor modes as well as Phrygian Dominant, the Blues and Conspirian scales.

The exercise moves like this:

  • Min Pent – add 2 – Min Pent – add 6 – Min Pent – Dorian
  • Min Pent – add 2 – Min Pent – add b6 – Min Pent – Aeolian
  • Min Pent – add b2 – Min Pent – add b6 – Min Pent – Phrygian
  • Min Pent with 3rd – add b2 – Min Pent with 3rd – add b6 – Min Pent with 3rd – Phrygian Dominant
  • Min Pent – add b5 (Blues scale) – Min Pent – add maj7 – Min Pent – Conspirian

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