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Learn how to play My Guy

In the step by step course, I’ll first take you through how to play each section, all over the neck.

There are four lessons and nine videos as well as TAB, and live band loops to practice along to.

Step by step, you’ll learn not just how to play the song, but also map out the fretboard with fractions of barre chord shapes and pentatonic scale shapes.

After demonstrating all sections individually, including many alternative parts, I play the full song from beginning to end in an improvised way. This way you can see all the ideas and concepts applied.

The final stage is for you to play with the band.

Chord progression

‘My Guy’ is in the key of Bb.


||: Bb Bb6 | Bbmaj7 Bb6 :|| D7 | D7 |


||: Cm7 F7 :||


| Bb G C7 F | Bb6 | Cm Dm |


||: Cm7 F7 :|| Bb Bb6 ||: Gm Dm :|| C7 | F |

My Guy guitar licks

The jazzy sounding licks you hear on the original recording are deeply analysed in the course lessons.

We still use the pentatonic as our framework, but add some extra notes to create a sweeter, more jazz-influenced sound.

There are two main opportunities to add these licks in the song. The first is over the D7 that appears towards the end of the verse.

In the key of Bb, the D7 is a IIIx chord, the scale used for this lick is a D Minor Blues scale with an added b9. The b9 belongs to chord III and the mode Phrygian.

The second lick is to be found in the turnaround over the Bb chord. Here we use a major pentatonic with an added m3rd.

To play a specific scale over just one chord in a progression like this is what jazz improvisation is all about. My Guy is an achievable introduction to this concept.

You get all the TAB, loops and in-depth explanations when you learn ‘My Guy’ in the course.

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