All Guitar Courses

All Guitar Courses

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Unlimited access to all acoustic and electric step by step guitar courses. From beginner to master with full support.

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"This is a great place to learn guitar... would encourage you to try it."


"I have been learning from Dan for some time now and find his straightforward and logical approach to guitar to be exactly what I've been looking for."


"I can now develop musically in a broad and rich way. Your work has illuminated an exciting path forward."


Product Description

A monthly subscription with access to all acoustic and electric step by step lessons, each one designed to bring your guitar playing skills to the next level. Including detailed, but bite-sized explanations on how the music theory of each song is applied to the neck.

This product currently includes an eBook version of the 400+ page bible of guitar related music theory. The Guitar Conspiracy 3.0, provides detailed explanations on how music theory can be applied to the guitar for better playing, composing and a more thorough understanding of the instrument.

All of this with full access to all of my published guitar lessons which include:

  • 280+ unique step by step Guitar Lessons focused on learning songs and applying music theory to the guitar neck.
  • Always starting with a real song, you get easy to understand, bite-sized explanations of how and why certain techniques sound the way they do, and how certain scales, chords, and harmonies all work well together.
  • Electric guitar lessons – Play with a LIVE BAND.
  • Direct message service for full support.

This subscription is not binding, you can cancel at any time.