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Rescue Me

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‘Rescue Me’

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Learn how to play Rescue Me

This is the first song you’ll learn in the course. The chord progression is so repetitive that we must move around the neck, using different chord shapes to build tension.

In the step by step course, I’ll go through each section of the song in detail, providing you with plenty of ideas for how to construct your own guitar part.

There are four lessons and nine videos with plenty of TAB and loops to practice along to.

Step by step, you’ll learn not just how to play the song, but also how to map out the fretboard with barre chords and pentatonic scales.

After practicing all sections individually, I play the full song from beginning to end, in an improvised way. This way you can see all the ideas and concepts applied.

The final stage is for you to play with the band.

Chord progression

The chord progression of ‘Rescue Me’ may appear simple at first glance, there is actually a very clever key change in there.


||: A | D :|| D C#m Bm A | E |


||: A | D | G | Em :||

The verse progression doesn’t have only chords from the key of A, it temporarily switches to a different key.

Find out more about this, as well as how to play all the chords, all over the neck in the course.

Rhythm guitar parts using slides, extra rhythms, and pentatonic licks

When you can play all the chords in all shapes, the next step is to decorate the chords with some slides and licks.

When sliding into a chord you create tension. How fast you slide in or how many strings you use from what shape, is best discovered by improvising over the live band backing track.

Similarly, when adding more rhythms and pentatonic licks, you create excitement. This too should be practiced with the band, not in isolation, in order to really find out what the best part is.

We’ll do all this when you sign up for the course.

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